The compassionate solution for obtaining US Large Cap exposure

  • The US Vegan Climate Index® (VEGAN), developed by Beyond Investing is a passive, rules- based index of U.S. mainly large cap stocks, screened according to vegan and climate- conscious principles.

  • VEGAN excludes companies engaged in animal exploitation, defense, human rights abuses, fossil fuels extraction and energy production, and other environmentally damaging activities. VEGAN includes mid cap stocks that replace companies in sectors that become underweight through their exclusions.

  • VEGAN demonstrates that it is possible to obtain broad-based market exposure, whilst adhering to animal and environmentally-friendly principles.

  • Ticker (prices from Solactive): VEGAN

  • Inception date: 6 June 2018

  • Benchmark: S&P500 Index

  • Calculation Agent: Solactive AG, Frankfurt

  • Number of stocks: 287

  • Weighted Average Market Cap: $190bn

  • Beta: 1.07

  • Tracking error: 1.32%

  • Excess Return: 3.94%

  • (Through 31 March 2021)

Live Index Performance

Sector Comparison

VEGAN displays superior impact metrics than its benchmark on the following dimensions:

  • lower carbon emissions
  • greater  waste efficiency
  • lower utilisation of fresh water
  • better gender balance
  • better governance
  • overweight environmental solutions
  • avoiding environmental damaging companies
  • avoiding socially irresponsible companies
  • zero animal exploitation

VEGAN represents the most complete climate change and animal-friendly solution for environmentally-conscious investors

Read the latest impact metrics for the US Vegan Climate Index, as calculated by Impact Cubed here.

About Beyond Investing

The founders and partners of Beyond Investing are experienced investment professionals, leading a vegan lifestyle, who have developed the index guidelines according to vegan and environmentally-friendly principles.

  • 100% Aligned
  • Ethically driven
  • Financially skilled
  • Highly experienced
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